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Bellingham Girls Rock Camp is a proud member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA)

The GRCA is a movement made up of organizations across the world, all working from different backgrounds and contexts towards an intersectional feminist future. We unite under these points.


We believe that youth are inherently powerful. We work to support youth leadership in our programs and communities.


Our work is a direct attempt to amplify voices that have otherwise been told to be silent. Music, art, and creative expression are our tools in building a loud, celebratory, and formidable movement. We do not use these tools by accident; we use them because music and creative expression are accessible, community-based, collaborative, and political.


Our work is political. We work to dismantle intersecting systems of oppression and acknowledge that they do not affect us all equally. Our work must be led and built by those most impacted by systemic oppression and colonization.



Gender is fluid, expansive, and cannot be contained within a binary. Trans and gender non-conforming people have always been and always will be an integral part of our movement. Our work must center those who experience marginalization because of their gender identity and expression.


In order for our movement to be effective it must be physically, financially, and linguistically accessible. We strive to make sure all those who wish to do this work have what they need to thrive.


Though we are often told otherwise, we believe there is room for all of us to be leaders. We do not fear scarcity and we believe in abundance. Our work benefits from sharing power and leadership within our movement.



Our work must be adaptable and willing to shift. We are committed to continually remaking ourselves, and boldly engaging the discomfort of change and transition. We are constantly learning how to challenge systemic oppression and how to love each other better.



We are not alone and our work transcends borders. Our collective power is grounded in our membership and the communities our members come from and work with. We can hear each other across oceans and the landscapes we call home, and we work in solidarity with each other and other liberation movements.


Authentic relationship building is the work. We are better equipped to support and fight for our youth when we care for and value one another.


We must hold ourselves and each other accountable. There is power in transformation, forgiveness, and healing. We believe that we can teach each other and learn together.

The Points of Unity were originally written in and approved by membership in English. Translations into other languages have been generously provided on a volunteer-basis, and may or may not have been undertaken by a professional translator. The translations have not been officially voted on and approved by membership. The GRCA strives to make our movement’s work and resources accessible and welcomes feedback and insight.

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