Virtual Rock Camp​
December 28, 2020 - January 2, 2021




Virtual Rock Camp is a day-camp for girls and gender non-conforming youth, ages 8 to 17. Over the course of two weeks, Rock Campers get an online crash course in writing songs, playing an instrument, collaborating with a band, and anti-racism/oppression. 

BGRC welcomes campers that are queer, trans, and gender expansive/gender-nonconforming.


Campers do not need to have any prior music experience, and instruments will be provided. Please note that Bellingham Girls Rock Camp does not accept liability for personal instruments.



BGRC is committed to equity and access, and our Virtual Rock Camp schedule is designed to include activities in diverse formats, from fully offline activities to real time instrument lessons and assemblies. We estimate that Virtual Rock Camp activities will require no more than one hour of time online per weekday (Monday-Friday) and no more than three hours of time online on weekend days (Saturday, Sunday). We will do our best to support individual technology needs. 


We offer a sliding-scale tuition rate to ensure ALL rockstars can attend camp. The suggested cost to attend camp is $350.

We offer Full and Partial Financial Aid to keep camp open to everyone; inclusion and accessibility are so important to our camp culture. Please consider donating to our Rock Star program!


VRC starts Monday, December 28th and ends Saturday, January 2nd.

Each weekend, there will be online sessions for participants to attend, and weekly activities on and off-line.

Every camper will receive a care package that includes a camp shirt, stickers, buttons, and "zine workshops" (a library of paper zines with information and activities! Campers do these at home on their own, and bonus material is available online including videos and music to listen to). We have craft kits available to borrow that include glue, scissors, markers, and anything else campers might need to explore their creativity!

Participants choose one instrument to focus on -- bass, guitar, or keyboard. Campers will receive two one-on-one private lessons on their instrument and two group lessons online. Campers will sign up for a one-on-one lesson with their instructor. All lessons are led by experienced and enthusiastic musicians. We will do our best to match you with your first choice, but to form bands we need a certain ratio of instruments. Not everyone will get their first choice of instrument, but every instrument is awesome! 


We are proud to partner with Guitar Gabby & The TxLips to offer one-on-one instrument lessons to campers at Virtual Rock Camp! "TxLips Band, LLC.  is a dynamic group of women whose mission is to challenge the boundaries set for women in the music industry as well as to inspire girls and women worldwide to be an unstoppable force in the music industry. This international touring collective has contributed to pushing the status quo of what the world says women can do. They continue to pursue their callings and are determined to motivate people everywhere by being themselves."

#guitargabby #thetxlipsband #mamatxlip #blackwomenrock

Campers will get to borrow an instrument for the two weeks of camp! Camper families come to Rock Camp headquarters to pick up either a guitar, bass, or keyboard. Everything you need will be provided -- strap, pick, tuner, cable, amp, and stand. Campers will be given a short demo on how to use their gear.

Band practice is once a week on Saturday after assembly and will take place on Zoom and using BandLab. Campers will be assigned a band with 3-4 total members and one band coach. Camper bands will work with their coach to write lyrics together, come up with a name for their record label, workshop songs, and recording using BandLab.

Each camper will be assigned a Camp Counselor/mentor to meet with once a week over video chat. Camp Counselors will talk with campers about their experiences, answer questions about camp, help campers work through conflicts, and facilitate conversations about identity and anti-racism.

Assembly is every Saturday via Zoom. This is a chance for the whole camp to be together in one place. There will be games, skits, roses & thorns, and a scream circle, if appropriate for the families homes (recommended campers go outside).

At Rock Camp, we offer a series of workshops focused on music, self-empowerment and anti-racism/anti-oppression. Workshops will be provided as hardcopy ‘zines (short for DIY magazine) with information and activities. Supplemental workshop materials will be provided online via YouTube links, listening assignments, and there will be live demos and workshops on Zoom. 
These virtual meetings will be led by volunteers who share the identities of campers. Caucusing creates a safe environment to explore our identities and experiences with people who share those identities. VRC will host caucuses for campers to talk about their identities as: People of Color, Trans + Gender Expansive, Poor + Working Class, People with Disabilities, and English is Not our First Language.

Each day has a theme! And each theme has an activity that goes along with it.
Make Friends Monday: Write a note to your penpal! 
Campers will be assigned a penpal. Each Monday campers will write and send a note to their penpal. Campers will send two notes and receive two notes. Pre-stamped and addressed envelopes will be provided!
Tuesday: Try something new! 
Campers will be encouraged to try one new thing and document it somehow: take a picture, draw something, write a journal entry, make up a short song or poem, and share it on FlipGrid with other campers and volunteers.
Wednesday: Get wacky!
Dress up in a funky outfit, try a new hair do, makeup look, or wear a costume...skies the limit! Campers will be encouraged to share their wacky looks on FlipGrid.
Thursday: Thankfulness! 
Write a thank you note to someone you appreciate. Send them an email, give them a call, draw them a picture, or shout them out on FlipGrid.
Friday: is for friendship! 
We will be creating a virtual Shout Out on FlipGrid to recognize our friends and mentors!

Visiting artists/bands play a live set via Zoom, then they stick around to take questions from the campers.

At the end of the camp week, campers present their original songs and creations at the Virtual Saturday Showcase for friends, families, and fans. The Virtual Showcase will be Saturday, January 2nd via Zoom and broadcast live on local radio station KZAX. There will be a silent auction with rad items donated from community businesses!

This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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